Kruger Energy is a major player in Québec’s and Canada’s wind energy sector.

Wind Farms
Two wind farms with a total capacity of 202.4 MW are in operation in Ontario’s Chatham-Kent region.

Kruger Inc. and Kruger Energy operate some thirty hydroelectric plants with a total installed capacity of 186.2 MW.  Three of these plants are located in Canada:  one at the Brompton mill in Québec and two at Deer Lake Power, which supplies electricity to the Corner Brook mill in Newfoundland and Labrador.  The remaining hydroelectric plants are located in the United States.

Biomass (cogeneration)
Two Kruger Inc. paper mills are equipped with biomass cogeneration plants:  the Brompton mill in Québec and the Corner Brook mill in Newfoundland Labrador.

Biogas (landfill site)
Kruger Energy operates and manages the EcoLogoTM-certified Lidya Energy biogas power plant that captures and converts the biogas generated by the Lachute landfill, which accepts waste from the Outaouais region and municipalities north of Montréal.

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