Project Overview

  • A 100-MW project
  • Commissioning:  December 2012
  • 44 2.3-MW wind turbines
  • 50-km underground collector system
  • 35 km of access roads on private land
  • Transformer station located in the Saint-Rémi industrial park

  Wind Turbine Locations Map  


 Construction Schedule



Enercon E-82 2300 Wind Turbines

The wind turbines consist of post-tensioned segmental concrete towers topped with a steel section.  A direct drive generator eliminates the need for a transmission shaft and reduces maintenance effort.

The wind turbines have a projected 20-year life.  A preventive maintenance program will be implemented to prolong use beyond the 20-year period.

There will be two options at the end of the 20-year period:

  1. Dismantle the wind farm; or
  2. Renew the electric power supply contract in order to extend the wind farm’s production period.

If the contract is not renewed, the wind farm will be dismantled at the expense of KEMONT through a fund established under the electric power supply contract with Hydro-Québec Distribution.

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